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Six Month Smiles

Get Straight Teeth With Clear Braces in Cornwall ON

get straight teeth using clear braces with a Cornwall dentist Long Sault Ontario and MorrisburgHave you spent years of your life feeling self-conscious about your teeth, to the point where you’re afraid to smile?

Have you wanted a beautiful smile with straight teeth but do not want the hassle, the pain, the rather unattractiveness and the amount of time that traditional metal braces can take?

If so, you don’t have to spend another moment of your life wishing and dreaming about straight teeth. At Dr. Steven Deneka’s Cornwall dental office near Long Sault and Morrisburg ON, we’re helping patients achieve beautiful, confident smiles that have straight teeth with Six Month Smiles.

A name like Six Month Smiles may sound almost too good to be true, but it really is possible to transform your smile and get straight teeth in just half a year!

How does Six Month Smiles work?

Using a combination of brackets and wires and custom bonding trays made by experienced technicians, cosmetic dentist Dr. Deneka can have your Six Month Smiles clear braces in place in no time.

And because your Six Month Smiles clear braces brackets and wires are tooth-colored, you can still enjoy a professional appearance as you work toward your goal of having a beautiful smile.

With Six Month Smiles clear braces, you will get straight teeth without the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces. Imagine — no cutting and scarring on your gums and the inside of your mouth.

Also, the Six Month Smiles clear braces system does not implement traditional braces’ tightening the wires every couple of weeks, that can really hurt. Instead, Six Month Smiles clear braces have a wire that is strong and gradually places your teeth where they need to be. Though you may experience slight discomfort when you first get your Six Month Smiles clear braces on, it usually is far less painful than traditional metal braces.

Are you ready to find out how Dr. Deneka can help you get straight teeth with Six Month Smiles? Call our Cornwall office today and schedule your consultation visit.

We’re happy to help patients from Cornwall, Ingleside, Long Sault, Morrisburg, and surrounding areas improve their smiles and their self-confidence with Six Month Smiles.






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