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“Pink Shirt Day 2017” in support of The Boys and Girls Club of Cornwall for their Anti-bullying campaign.

Thanks to Brianna, our Co-op student from La Citadelle. Hope she had a great experience with us.


Ann and Amber showing off their flowers celebrating Dental Assistant Appreciation Week.

Dental Assistant Appreciation Week 2016

Dr. Deneka and the team dressed in pink
to support Pink Shirt Day on February 24, 2016

Pink Shirt Day

30 year thank you-page-001

During my semester I got the chance to be placed into a cooperative education program and was very grateful to work at my own dental office; Cornwall Dental Arts – Dr. Steven Deneka. I first joined my school’s co-op program since I wasn’t sure in which directions I wanted to go for post-secondary education. I always had a curiosity for dentistry, so I went ahead and started my placement at Dr. Deneka’s office with Ann; one of the dental assistants. The whole team was very welcoming and helpful whenever I had questions or just needed a hand. I was lucky enough to get a lot of experience and take part in things I would have never thought to be able to do such as observing appointments, set up and take down the rooms, sanitizing and lab work, pour up models; and even assist. Every day I was excited to go into the office, ready to learn something new. I’m now glad and relieved to know I’ll be sure of myself next year once applying to schools for the dental hygiene course. I’m happy to say I had an amazing co-op experience and after spending 4 months with everyone. Dr. Deneka and his team are very dedicated and passionate about their work. I’m proud to say I’m a patient here and thankful for the experience I had and will definitely miss it.
Sophie Cornett

(Note: Sophie is posing with the elephant puppet that she won in our adopt-a-pal draw in 2066)

Placement in Dr Deneka’s Office
This was my first experience in a dental office setting and I couldn’t be more pleased and appreciative with the staff and their patience. It is a lot for an office to take on a new grad and show him or her the ropes. I was very thankful that I was able to do my placement at Dr. Deneka’s because the staff couldn’t have been more inviting and helpful! With everyone’s guidance and constructive criticism I was able to grow and become confident. I’d like to thank the whole team for welcoming me in the office and making me feel like a team member. I would really like to thank Ann, one of the dental assistants and Dr. Deneka for their guidance and patience throughout this whole experience. I am very glad that I got the opportunity to do my placement at Dr. Deneka’s and I would like to thank everyone in the office again for being so friendly and helpful.
Thank You
– Jessie Jane Conway-Helmer

Dr. Deneka had a dental assistant student from Algonquin College do her two week placement in their office.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Conference, 2013, Seattle, Washington.

Team work in the kitchen.

Jennifer Bangle

Dr. Deneka presents a gold bangle to Jennifer to celebrate 20 years with out team.

Chantal Bangle

On our recent trip to Seattle, Dr. Deneka presented a gold bangle to Chantal to celebrate her being on our team for 10 years.

Congratulations, Dr. Steven Deneka for completing the 9 course program at the Kois Center in Seattle.


Dr. Deneka Completes Advanced Dental Training and Graduates From the Kois Center

Dr. Deneka receiving his Certficate of Graduation from the Kois Center from Dr. John Kois

25 Years of Excellent Dentistry

A Cause for Celebration!

On August 12, 2010, Dr. Deneka and the team celebrated 25 years in dentistry. As this remarkable day began, we thanked all our patients for their support over the years with a newspaper announcement.

Cornwall Dentist Dr. Deneka Celebrates 25 Years in Dentistry

The doctor’s next plan was to meet our team for dinner. But he soon discovered we had our own ideas, as Dr. Deneka was surprised by the arrival of a limousine to pick him up to take him on a dinner cruise with the whole team.

Limousine Pickup for the Cornwall Dental Team

While we were in the limousine, Diane took out a book that was filled with best wishes from our patients that the team managed to collect secretly for at least the last 2 months. Dr. Deneka was greatly touched by this gesture, and again thanks all the people, staff members and patients, who make it so much fun for all of us to work every day.

A Book of Best Wishes from Dr. Deneka' Dental Patients

On the way to the dinner cruise, the doctor had a few surprises of his own. First he presented a gold bangle to Shelley to celebrate her 15 years of exceptional service with the practice.

Celebrating 15 Years of Exceptional Service from Shelley

Next, Diane received a bangle to celebrate her 25 years of excellent patient care with our practice.

Marking 25 Years of Excellent Patient Care from Diane

Mind you, the biggest surprise was when we were rear-ended by a car that did not notice the long line of rush hour traffic. No one was hurt, and it only served to make the evening even more memorable. We were all able to relax together on the top deck of the boat just before they announced dinner.

The whole team enjoyed our fantastic dinner celebration. Here’s to the future!

Dr. Deneka's Dental Team Dinner

Again, Dr. Deneka and our team would like to thank everyone who makes our days a pleasure. We’ve treasured their support for the past 25 years, and look forward to the many years ahead.

Cornwall Dental Team Celebrations

Our Team having fun on the upstairs deck of the boat.

Other Practice Celebrations

Hygienist Michele Celebrates 20 Years with Dr. Deneka's Dental Team

In June 2010, Michele our hygienist is presented with a commemorative gold bangle to celebrate her 20 years with our team.

Dental Hygienist Kelly Receives a Gold Bangle to Mark 15 Years with the Practice

In January 2009, Kelly our hygienist is presented with her 15 year gold bangle by Dr. Deneka to celebrate her time with our team.

Office Administrator Jennifer Receives Recognition for 15 Years at Dr. Deneka's Practice

In April 2008, Jennifer our office administrator is presented with a commemorative gold bangle by Dr. Deneka to celebrate 15 years with our team.