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Oral Cancer Screening

Detect Mouth Cancer Early in Cornwall, ON

detect mouth cancer using VELscope with a Cornwall dentist near Long SaultOral cancer claims about 7500 Americans every year. Detected and addressed in the earliest stage, this silent killer, mouth cancer, can be thwarted.

Left undiscovered and untreated, oral cancer grows quickly. Too often, by the time a person notices there are problems in his or her mouth, it’s too late to treat it properly and the survival rate decreases dramatically.

We don’t give you this information to make you fearful. We want our patients from the Cornwall, Long Sault and Ingleside ON area to be safe and giving you the facts about mouth cancer is a way we feel we can promote good health for you and your loved ones.

What can you do to prevent Oral Cancer?

  • Recognize that if you smoke or drink alcohol, now is an excellent time to quit. These habits are a huge contributor to oral cancer.
  • Get a VELscope oral cancer screening at your dentist. A mouth cancer screening can show precancerous issues as well as other potentially dangerous issues. At our office near Long Sault, we offer VELscope detection dental technology. VELscope is a highly technical, effective technology that we are proud to offer to our patients in our oral cancer detection and prevention efforts.
  • Eat a variety of fruits and vegetables.
  • Be careful to not expose your lips to too much sun. Using a lip balm that has sunscreen UV protection may help this, as well.

The good news is with early oral cancer screening and mouth cancer treatment, a patient improves five-year survival chances by about 80%. Cornwall dentist Dr. Steven Deneka appreciates early oral cancer screening and uses one of the latest screening tools in this battle, VELscope.

oral cancer screening with a Cornwall dentist MorrisburgShould you choose to at your checkup at our office near Morrisburg, Dr. Deneka will use VELscope light to look at your cheeks, teeth, and gums for areas of oral cancer concern. VELscope allows the dentist to see potentially cancerous cells before they are visible to the naked eye. If he finds a problem that may be mouth cancer, he’ll recommend several different follow ups. You may be referred to an oral surgeon or oral pathologist to see if a mouth cancer biopsy is necessary. Since the VELscope is a screening tool, oral cancer must be diagnosed by microscopic examination. Early treatment of the mouth cancer will improve your chance at conquering it and living a long, healthy life.

If you are interested in getting an oral cancer screening, call our practice in Cornwall ON serving the Morrisburg, Long Sault, Ingleside ON and surrounding communities today!


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