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Laser Dentistry

Dental Laser Treatments near Morrisburg

dental laser technology with a Cornwall dentist Ingleside OntarioIn the past during a check up, the dentist would check for cavities, using a less than comfortable digital x-ray process.

To treat any soft tissue issues, the dentist would have to use cutting instruments that were very invasive, uncomfortable and required lengthy recovery time. Again, the dental work was necessary, but the pain and recovery time made getting the treatment difficult. There is a better solution! It is laser dentistry in Cornwall ON!


FINDING DECAY EFFECTIVELY AND EASILY | When you come in for a check-up to our office in Cornwall, one of the procedures we perform regularly is checking for cavities. Tooth decay and cavities, if untreated, can cause a variety of problems. When treated properly, the problems can disappear and give you no more concerns. You probably remember the x-ray techniques from the past — all that poking and prodding. It may be surprising to find out for all that hassle, that old time method was only 50 to 75 percent successful! Cavities can be sneaky sometimes and can hide in places that traditional x-ray machines couldn’t find.

A better, more effective and comfortable process is laser dentistry, implementing DIAGNOdent, a revolutionary dental laser that finds cavities in the earliest stages.

laser dentistry with a dentist MorrisburgLASER REFLECTION SPOTS IMPERFECTION | DIAGNOdent  dental technology uses a dental laser diode to inspect teeth, using wavelengths to detect decay. What using laser dentistry means is that the dental laser can find the decay much sooner than the traditional x-ray machines. This means we can fill the cavity sooner using smaller fillings, with much more chance of saving your tooth, preventing toothaches and any other more complicated procedures. In a way, using laser dentistry could follow the adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A dental laser can be used as a preventative treatment, keeping you from needing a more complex procedure. Also, laser dentistry requires no x-rays!

In the past, when your dentist needed to treat soft tissues (like gums), he would need to use a scalpel to cut. That sounds painful, doesn’t it? Well, it was! For some procedures, the recovery time could be days or even weeks! Now, with the use of laser dentistry, dental lasers replace the scalpel, being able to treat soft tissues concerns with precision and far less invasively. In our Cornwall ON office serving the Morrisburg, Long Sault and Ingleside area, we have five soft tissue diode lasers so we can give you the fastest, most effective treatment that can cause you far less pain and shorter recovery time.


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