Why Is Dry Mouth Dangerous For Cornwall Dental Patients?

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Why Is Dry Mouth Dangerous For Cornwall Dental Patients?Hello, welcome to the Cornwall Dental Arts blog. Today we are going to talk about Dry Mouth, an unpleasant condition that can actually endanger the oral health of Cornwall Dental Arts patients.

Reduction of saliva flow resulting in a dry mouth is a more common problem among older Cornwall adults; however, people of all ages in the Cornwall area may experience the symptoms of dry mouth at one time or another. These symptoms include a dry, red tongue, difficulty swallowing, and persistent sore throat.

Sometimes dry mouth in Cornwall dental patients is caused by a disease or infection, but a more frequent cause of dry mouth for patients in Cornwall is prescription medications.

Decongestants, blood pressure medications, antidepressants, and painkillers (all used extensively in Cornwall) are just some of the drugs that list ‘dry mouth’ as a common side effect.

It is common for allergy-prone Cornwall Dental Arts dental patients to complain of dry mouth when they start taking antihistamines during the Cornwall hay fever season.

Aside from being an uncomfortable nuisance, untreated dry mouth can cause tooth damage for Cornwall dental patients. Adequate saliva is necessary to keep the mouth lubricated, wash the food from teeth, and neutralize the acidic environment caused by plaque. Extensive tooth decay can occur in the absence of saliva for Cornwall dental patients with chronic dry mouth.

If you are unsure of the cause of your dry mouth, or if you are looking for dry mouth treatments, call Cornwall Dental Arts to schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven Deneka.

When you visit Cornwall Dental Arts in Cornwall, please be sure to bring a list of medications you are taking so Dr. Steven Deneka can give you an accurate diagnosis.

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