Tooth Whitening Dentistry In Cornwall

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Tooth Whitening Dentistry In Cornwall

One of the easiest ways to brighten your smile is to have your teeth whitened. There are several options when it comes to tooth whitening systems. You can choose from a selection of over-the-counter tooth whitening products at your local Cornwall drug store, or you can rely on your Cornwall dentist. It is a good […]

Creating Beautiful Smiles At Cornwall Dental Arts

Creating beautiful Cornwall smiles at Cornwall Dental Arts

I am glad you found our blog! I’m Steven Deneka, DDS, of Cornwall Dental Arts, a full-service dental practice in Cornwall. I am a proud member of The Canadian Dental Association. My profession is dentistry, but my passion is providing superior and affordable Cornwall dental care for my patients. I began serving Ontario residents in […]

3 Tooth Problems Which May Require A Root Canal

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Hello Ontario, let’s talk about the root canal procedure (“endodontic therapy” in dentist – speak). The root canal may be the most cringe-worthy dental treatment commonly done today, but it is important that dental patients in the Ingleside, Long Sious, and Lancaster areas know what is happening during this anxiety-inducing, though routine, procedure. At the […]

At Cornwall Dental Arts We Treat You Like Family

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At Cornwall Dental Arts You

At Cornwall Dental Arts, our Cornwall patients are treated like family. I am Dr. Steven Deneka and my relationships with my patients is paramount. You know what puts a smile on my face? When I use advanced cosmetic dentistry to create a dazzling smile makeover for one of my patients. My staff and I at […]

What Does A Beautiful Smile Say About You?

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What a Beautiful Ontario Smile Says About You

It’s not just about looks. According to a recent study by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), a healthy and attractive smile makes you appear more intelligent, successful, friendly and interesting. (See for complete survey results.) Our smile makeover patients who have undergone restorative and cosmetic dentistry at Cornwall Dental Arts in Cornwall […]

How Do You Measure Dental Success?

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How do you measure “dental success?” A check-up with no cavities? A perfect smile? A crown that looks as natural as the surrounding teeth? It could mean all those things and many more. For a child, dental success could be defined as a childhood free of cavities, learning daily dental hygiene practices, and gaining an […]