Oral Cancer Screenings in Cornwall ON

Dental checkups are about more than just cavities. At Cornwall Dental Arts in Cornwall ON, we include an oral cancer screening that can give you peace of mind, and might just save your life.

In the last few decades, lung and breast cancer have received a lot of public attention. There is relatively less awareness of oral cancer. If you smoke or have tested positive for HPV, you have a higher risk for developing oral cancer.

The unfortunate reality is that oral cancer claims thousands of lives every single year. It is sometimes called a silent killer, because early warning signs are scarcely noticeable. Early detection and treatment is the best way to beat it.

Here are five vital things to know about mouth and throat cancers.

  1. About 80% of people with oral cancer use some variety of tobacco (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipes).
  2. The survival rate for early stage diagnosis is 90%.
  3. For those who get a late-stage diagnosis, 40% die within five years.
  4. In many cases, it is almost impossible for the individual to detect oral cancers because the symptoms are subtle, even non-existant. Any abnormality in the mouth or throat, even if small and painless, should be examined by a dentist or doctor.
  5. Black males have a higher risk of dying from oral cancer than whites.

At Cornwall Dental Arts in Cornwall ON, we don’t take cancer lightly, and neither should you. We provide oral cancer screenings that can identify cancer in the earliest stages. Other services include gum disease treatment, and general and family dentistry.