Keep Them Clean! Tips from the Cornwall Dentist

Cornwall Guide To Plaque, Calculus, And Cavities

The team at Cornwall Dental Arts would like to use this post to clarify the differences between plaque, calculus, and cavities.

Plaque is a film that covers teeth – a sticky layer of bacteria. You can remove plaque through daily brushing and flossing. If it isn’t removed, it can build up and harden into calculus.

Calculus, also known as tartar, is hardened plaque that accumulates minerals from food and saliva. Regular check-ups and cleanings with your Cornwall dentist are necessary to remove tartar as well as hard-to-reach plaque.

Plaque and calculus are not cavities, but they can lead to cavities.

A cavity is basically a hole in the tooth caused by decay. Because plaque and calculus contain bacteria, the bacteria release acids which accelerate tooth decay and eventually lead to more cavities.

A good rule of thumb for Cornwall dental patients is this: avoid plaque to avoid tartar to avoid tooth decay. Got it?

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