Creating Beautiful Smiles At Cornwall Dental Arts

Creating beautiful Cornwall smiles at Cornwall Dental Arts I am glad you found our blog! I’m Steven Deneka, DDS, of Cornwall Dental Arts, a full-service dental practice in Cornwall. I am a proud member of The Canadian Dental Association. My profession is dentistry, but my passion is providing superior and affordable Cornwall dental care for my patients.

I began serving Ontario residents in the Cornwall area back in 1985. Since that time, my profession has undergone dramatic changes which have benefited my Ingleside teeth whitening patients and Long Sious tooth restoration patients in many ways.

We offer pediatric dentistry, family dentistry and fillings.

I know my Cornwall dentistry patients have many choices for their Ingleside dental care and work hard every day to surpass expectations.

I build long-term relationships with my Lancaster cosmetic dentistry and Long Sious orthodontic patients. I constantly educate myself on the latest procedures to determine how I can best serve my patients.

My Ingleside porcelain veneers patients appreciate the time I take to thoroughly analyze their total oral health. My family friendly staff enjoys keeping my Cornwall family dentistry practice running smoothly so I can concentrate on what I do best—serving my Cornwall patients!

Steven Deneka, DDS  855-976-7250