What Is Oil Pulling?

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This post from the dentist at Cornwall Dental Arts  looks at oil pulling, an alternative practice that has been generating a lot of buzz. Oil pulling has been a part of Indian Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It is the practice of swishing oil in the mouth for twenty minutes to benefit the teeth, gums […]

Getting Soft: Your Toothbrush and You

At Cornwall Dental Arts in Cornwall Ontario, we almost always tell our patients to use a soft-bristled toothbrush on their teeth. Our recommendation is usually enough, but sometimes patients ask, why? Why soft? We’ll use this blog post to explain. The short answer is that soft-bristled toothbruses are gentle on your gums, but at the […]

Fun Floss Facts

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You probably believe the most important thing about flossing is to do it every day. At Cornwall Dental Arts in Cornwall Ontario, we agree. But there are lots of different types of dental floss out there. Why not find out which one works best for you? Many people find that trying out different kinds of […]

Hiccups In Your Dental Routine

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This blog post from the dentist at Cornwall Dental Arts concerns dental hygiene. The most common times people brush their teeth are morning and night – either before or after breakfast, after dinner, or at bedtime. Problems that come with this routine involve hiccups in the schedule, from family life, shift work or exhaustion. Sometimes […]

Dental Sealant Q & A

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Dental sealants are an extra layer of protection for your teeth, and for your children’s teeth. They’re common to pediatric dentistry, and we recommend dental sealants for our young patients at Cornwall Dental Arts. Here are a few common questions about dental sealants, and our answers: Q. What are dental sealants? A. Dental sealants are […]

How Tooth Brushing Prevents Gum Disease

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At Cornwall Dental Arts, we keep urging everyone to brush at least twice a day. Home come? For one thing, it helps prevent gum disease, but there’s more. Let’s discuss why this is vital. Brushing and flossing is also the best way to prevent decay. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste and carefully flossing removes the food […]