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family dentistry with a family dentist in Cornwall ON and Long SaultFamily dentist Dr. Deneka welcomes all family dentistry and general dentistry patients! He and his caring, well-trained team are happy to handle your dental health needs and those of your loved ones. We offer a great variety of family dentistry and general dentistry dental health options to Cornwall area residents using modern dental technology.

Some of the general and family dentistry services we provide include:

PREVENTATIVE CARE | We want to make sure we can partner with you to give you the proper care at our office in Cornwall ON and what you can do at home to give you a healthy, beautiful smile. For family dentistry and general dentistry preventative care treatments, we offer teeth cleaning: scaling, to remove tartar from below your gums; root planing that smooths rough spots in your roots surfaces where plaque may have built up; and we apply Arestin antibiotic medicine to kill any bacterial infection. We also offer CariFree rinses that you can use at home that control oral bacteria. We also give you instruction on how you can give your mouth and smile the best dental hygiene at home.

DENTAL FILLINGS, INLAYS, ONLAYS, and DENTAL CROWNS | Filling cavities and other dental procedures is a family dentistry and general dentistry procedure we offer to encourage and preserve your dental health. We offer tooth-colored plastic mixture, composite resins for new fillings or to replace unsightly metal, silver, or amalgam fillings. Our tooth-colored fillings we offer to the Cornwall, Long Sault and Ingleside ON communities are mercury-free, considered a better option for your general and dental health.

general dentistry with a family dentist in Cornwall ON and Ingleside ONORAL CANCER SCREENING | VELscope oral cancer screening is an important part of our family dentistry and general dentistry practices. Why? Because oral cancer is easily detected and can have a high recovery rate, if detected and treated early.

LASER CAVITY DETECTION | No X-rays are required with DIAGNOdent, so patients do not have to worry about radiation exposure. And cavities are detected earlier, so there can be less chance the cavity will grow and cause further problems later on.

For optimum dental health, our family dentistry and general dentistry treatments can give you a beautiful and healthy smile your whole life long. If you are searching for a family dentist in Cornwall, ON, look no further and call us today! We serve patients from Long Sault, Cornwall, Ingleside and the surrounding areas.

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Dental Health is a Family Affair


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